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Things to check off in anticipation for baby’s arrival

Realizing I’m stepping into month six of this pregnancy this week has me thinking of all the things I’d like to do before Baby arrives. While many of them are more expected and necessary things; I decided I wanted to create a list of fun items for me to do. As I mentioned, I expected my life to be on a completely different journey right now. But as I sat thinking, I realized Baby coming didn’t mean I couldn’t still enjoy things I previously did. So I decided to take some time to jot down a small bucket list I hope to complete before my little one arrives in January (unless he’s an early bird).

1. Do All The Fall Things

If you’ve checked out my previous posts or social media you might already know how much I love Fall and all the activities that come with it. October is right around the corner, and this usually includes my yearly visit to Salem, MA, and pumpkin activities. Since, for the moment, I’m living in Austin, TX, I figured this is the perfect chance to see what Fall fun Texas has to offer. Outside of Texas, I have my Salem visit scheduled, along with a visit to Halloweentown just outside Portland, Oregon. While the weather here may not feel like Fall, I will embrace its arrival either way.


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2. Take A BabyMoon

Whether this ends up being a solo babymoon or one with a friend, it doesn’t matter to me at this point. Since being pregnant, my travel plans have just about halted, mostly due to some intense morning sickness. But if there’s one thing I’d like to do, it’s take a getaway for a couple of days of pure relaxation. The ultimate goal is a trip back to the Dominican Republic or Hawaii; if I’m honest, I’d be happy with a small getaway to a nearby city and stay overnight. Of course, this one really all depends on doctor orders with traveling, but I’m hoping this is one I can check off before his arrival.

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3. Go Baby Shopping

It might surprise you, but I haven’t been baby shopping. It feels strange going alone rather than with a loved one. There’s also the waiting for the baby shower to avoid purchasing something that’s on my registry. But I have been dying to go shopping for baby clothes and see how I’d like to dress my little one. My mother is visiting in a few short weeks, so I’m hoping we can do this together. It’s one of those things that makes it all real, the arrival of Baby.

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4. Have A Maternity Shoot & Take More Photos

If there’s one thing my friends have told me they regret is not taking maternity pictures before the arrival of their baby. At the start of this pregnancy, I honestly wasn’t thinking about any type of photo shoot. But I wasn’t also in the mindset of celebrating and being happy about it all. Now that I’ve had some time and feel the little movements, I can see for sure I want some photos to remember. My lovely friend has kindly volunteered to take these photos once the northeast starts looking like Autumn, and hopefully, this can turn into a family photo shoot as well. I’ve also decided I’ll be taking more photos and videos of myself and this belly. Who knows when my next baby will come around! I want to be able to look back and remember these times. I also want to finally embrace my body and the many changes it’s going through. I’ll admit I don’t look in the mirror and think how attractive I look. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned is how to trick your mind. So I’ll take pictures and videos, I’ll look at them and see the miracle my body is creating, and that itself will be beautiful.

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5. Go Out On More Dates (Solo or with Friends)

The one thing I’ve learned in the last year is how much I love going out and exploring. One of the things I learned was how to enjoy my own company. I don’t know many people in Austin, but I didn’t know many people in California and I still took the initiative to take myself out. I got tired of waiting on people to do things with and realized I can still enjoy life all on my own. So before Baby’s arrival, I will attempt to go out and if no one’s around to share things with then I’ll share it with my bump! Take me out to lunch, go see a weekly movie, head to a park, and people-watch. If I’m honest this will help prep me for when Baby arrives by setting up mother and son dates so I don’t go too crazy. These last few months I’ve been on the border of getting back into the dark depression, so getting out, even to do absolutely nothing, will help keep that at bay.

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So that’s it, the main items I’d like to cross out before my little one’s arrival. I figured five things are easy to cross out and won’t overwhelm me too much. I’ve already started working on crossing some out, so who knows, maybe in a month I’ll have to add some more. It’s crazy to think that in just 16 weeks, give or take, I’ll have a son! It still amazes me that I am where I am. It’s been a strange journey so far. I was losing myself in this journey trying to settle for things, trying to do things the way others thought it best to do. Moving to a new state and not really knowing anyone, while adjusting to the idea of giving birth and being a mom…it’s no wonder I was feeling lost.

The purpose of my very small and simple bucket list is to get a sense of Nathaly again. Start stepping in a direction that I have somewhat planned out, even if I have to deviate and take a detour along the way. It’s about having a sense of peace and foundation, instead of feeling like I’m free-falling and hoping I land safely somewhere. I’ve always had a small list of goals, desires, and “plans” to get me started on whatever new chapter I’m on to help guide the way, why should this one be any different? So here’s to checking things off, making memories, and setting the stage to create more.