The Unexpected Beauties of Tulum Part 1

Hello everyone!!! I know it’s been quite a few since I’ve posted on here, but hopefully this is the start of a continued schedule and more adventures to come!

This past week has been eventful for sure, on a spontaneous thought me and the boyfriend decided to head to Tulum, Mexico for a few days. While not my first time in Mexico, it was a first to Tulum and we loved it so much we decided we’d celebrate our anniversary next month in Tulum.

This post will probably be shortly written, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos we took. Tulum is definitely quite different than the typical Cabo or Cancun environment. The ambiance is very bohemian and more on the “hippy” side of things. If you’re into yoga and very chill environment, Tulum will be the place for you.

But at the same time it offers another side, while keeping its laid-back personality. Tulum offers its own night-life and up-scale restaurants and hotels. We were fortunate enough to stay in the southern side of things, which is really one road with everything you’ll need.


Whether you’re looking to relax and enjoy the beach, enjoy more jungle side, take a night on the town or reflect and work on your meditations…you’ll find it all here in Tulum.

One thing I was surprised when I first arrived were the amount of “foreigners” there were. But it wasn’t like the other places where they look like tourists and are living the “all-inclusive resort” life…it seemed as if everyone had stepped away from their life and decided to make camp in Tulum until further notice.

It was one my favorite aspects of Tulum…it made me reminisce on the time I lived abroad and desired to live outside of the US. It was its own bubble where all were welcomed, bikes roamed the streets, cafes on every corner, new friends were made from around the world.

Now, as wonderful as it was and as it sounds…Tulum is definitely on the more expensive side of Mexico. While it’s not your typical resorts found here, there are the more luxurious hotels. The instagram worthy hotels that have its suites overlooking the jungles of Mexico or its long swings that seem as if you’ll jump right into the ocean.

While this may be surprising to most, it wasn’t surprising to see many travelers without their masks. Mexico has found a way to made their tourism continue in such a safe way, you really weren’t left feeling anxious about COVID-19.

Tulum is actually the first place I’ve been to where I’ve seen more travelers wearing their masks while being out on the streets or visiting local hot spots. We wore our masks as we walked about, most (if not all) restaurants, hotels and shops asked that you were your mask before walking into the store.

Hand sanitizers were available everywhere…and I mean literally everywhere! If you wanted one while walking down the street, you’d be sure to find one..if you wanted one while visiting the ruins…pick a spot and it was there.

Tulum has been one of my favorite travels to Mexico so far, mostly because it actually felt like a vacation without the overabundance of those all inclusive resorts bunched up together.

To the right I’ve listed some of my top favorites for Tulum:


Easy Transportation

As long as you stay on the southern side near the ruins transportation is the easiest thing you’ll find. We rented a car and honestly it just wasn’t needed. Think of it like Vegas where it’s all one strip and it’s got everything you need. Of course the road is super long, but bike rentals are found everywhere and most hotels offer them. Mostly we walked everywhere, except when visiting the ruins. A lot of the eaterys were outside or meshed between indoor and outdoor, which made it feel so much better.


Beach or Forest

This was a big one! Tulum is seated right smack in the middle of an ocean and jungle border. If you’re not a beach person, totally ok…on the right side is all jungle and national park. You can even find some hotels offering a full view of the jungle. More into the whole beach vibe, choose a hotel on the left hand side and you’ve got your beach clubs and waves galore.

There is literally something for everyone! Even the ruins themselves offered a beautiful view of the beach, an actual beach (which was closed due to COVID) and then all the trees and forest side of things. I’m a full nature girl so having both made me feel right at home.

Basically…Tulum is the place to be. I’ve honestly heard that so many times and I didn’t really understand it until I experienced it myself. I was always afraid it was just another tourist trap, where it just feels like you’ve stepped on a plane and landed right back in the states. But trust me, it’s nothing like that at all. I suggest booking a flight and giving it a chance…make sure you book yourself away from the all-inclusive well known resorts…most of them are more north and far away from everything.