Recap Monday: The Great Pumpkin Blaze

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and you’ve had the best weekend to jump start your week!

Last week I was out with some major stomach issues, even had to take the week off of in-office work. But I am back and ready to conquer all my goals! Luckily by Friday I was ready for a weekend adventure to help celebrate the October festivities, in a safe way of course. 

Last year I was able to find out about an annual Halloween event held in New York called the Pumpkin Blaze. It’s a self-guided tour of different arts and “sculptures” all made from thousands of carved pumpkins. It was the best way to get into my Autumn and Halloween feels. I was fortunate enough to grab two tickets before they all sold out for the rest of the season, so if you’re interested make sure you prep for next year. 

I recommend this for everyone, kids, couples, families and friends. It’s amazing the thought that goes into these carvings, and honestly I feel my inner child jumping with glee every time. 



Some of the favorites captured throughout the night were the spider-web and its many visitors, the water dragon, the grave yard that had an added smoke machine to up the ambiance and the barn full of pumpkin “ghosts”. This has become one of my favorite events by far during this season. The tour took an hour, which was way longer than last year’s. This year we headed to the Long Island one, which might mean more space to allow more items to display. And don’t be turned away by the timing, you make it your own thing at your own pace. But for those of us who like to take moments to enjoy, an hour was perfect. Trust me…you won’t be bored!

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So I know some of you are probably thinking…there’s a pandemic still out there…how is this safe? Honestly…I’ve never felt safer. The Hudson Valley Organization made some real hardcore changes to ensure everyone was safe and were super strict in enforcing the new rules, so that made me so comfortable and happy seeing it happen.

I’ll go through some of the changes they made for Covid-19 standards in a moment. But to paint a picture of how drastic these changes were I want to explain how last year was. Last year’s event was in the Hudson Valley area in a much smaller place. It took us at max 30mins to walk the whole path and finish seeing everything. It was still great, but we were slightly disappointed.

Saying this…it was packed…from the parking lot to the tour itself to the gift shop. I am not a big fan of crowds and I was feeling it at this point. For 2020, I honestly felt like I had so much space available that social distance was a possibility…of course there were those individuals who had to be reminded, but otherwise everyone was great.

Now…let’s head over to the side to review some safety items 🙂


Masks Required

Some people are thinking because this is an outdoor event that masks wouldn’t be mandatory. Luckily…they were required for everyone, staff and visitors! This was honestly one of the most enforced items throughout. The staff was really great in reminding everyone to wear their masks even during the selfie shots. There wasn’t any food or drinks allowed (including water) to avoid from having anyone remove their masks during the tour. 


Capacity Reduced by 67%

This is huge! Do you know what 67% is?! That’s intense for sure and of course I’m sure they lost some profit compared to last year, but this just shows how much safety was a priority during the Blaze. Because capacity was reduced so much there was definitely the possibility to create huge gaps between you and the people around you. The staff also did a great job in telling everyone to space out, even during those Instagramable moments.



This was what made my decision to still attend this year as well. Indoor activities just create less space for people to separate and honestly it’s the same air being circulated. Being outdoors I was able to breath fresh air (through my mask), not have to worry about touching any door handles, and no worrying about entry or exit doors. The outdoor path made it super easy to follow and the way it was set up you could only keep moving forward…or trust me someone was saying something.

So over all I had an amazing time experiencing the Long Island Blaze and some really memorable experiences. Halloween has slowly become one of my favorite times of the year and I can see this will be a tradition to attend throughout the years. If you haven’t attended, it looks like some new days just opened up so definitely rush over to buy your tickets. If not…I highly recommend taking the time next year and go with someone you enjoy making memories with.

Head down below and comment on your thoughts! Have a question I didn’t answer, let me know down below and I’ll answer it asap!