Devil's Bridge Hiking

Sedona, AZ

Hiking Sedona's Devil's Bridge

Length: 2-5 miles roundtrip 
Beginner – Advanced
Benefits: Some awesome views 🙂

Devil’s Bridge offers some really amazing shots along the way to the top! The views are pretty incredible, especially for first timer’s. There are two trails, one only for hikers (and a bit longer), the other is for anyone using their 4×4, which cuts their walking in half. 

With the 4×4 you’re left with about 2miles roundtrip walking and without it (depending on where you parked) it can be 4-5miles. We parked along the main road since there was no parking available at the start of the trail, so our hike was 5miles in total. 

There were 3 definite locations where photos are a must! The view doesn’t disappoint at all. The final stop on this trail is what is called the Devil’s Bridge. Be warned there will most likely be a line to take photos on this scary “bridge”. 

For us, we chose to skip the lines and take photos in front of the bridge itself and work with the view behind us. Once people saw what we were doing the idea was passed around. 

So many parts of Sedona still left to see, but the beauty of this hike was definitely one for the books. A total of 5 miles walked roundtrip, some amazing photos captured and Mother Nature showing off. The Devil’s Bridge hike is one I recommend for beginners and on…the view at the top will not disappoint. 

Top Tips

1. Pack a backpack

Make sure you have a comfortable backpack for the hike. In it you want at least 2 water bottles (kept frozen the night before), some healthy snacks for energy. We packed some apples, bananas, carrots. Pack a lunch, ours was a delicious sandwich. 

2. Pack a cooler for the car

One thing we wish we’d done was pack a cooler to leave some extra waters and snacks in the car for our return. Water was a big one since our two water bottles were finished before we returned to the car. The heat can get intense and trust me…you get thirsty!

3. Start early

Best advice I could give (after water) is start the hike early. We were leaving from Phoenix, which is an hour and a half away, so we left at 06:00am. Our hike started at 7:30am, but even then there were lots of people and we were starting to feel the heat. There were people that actually started earlier, as they were finishing their hike when we were just starting. The earlier you start the less you feel the heaviness of the Sun on you throughout the day.