Sunset in Cabo

My Year of Love

I wish us well
I wish us a life full of happiness and a life full of peace
I wish us a life of gratitude
I wish him all the things he dreams of and longs for
I am grateful for our year
I experienced what many people hope to at least once in their life
I encountered a year of love
A year where I loved beyond what I ever thought I could
And a year where I was loved far beyond what I believed someone might
I learned to love without fear, without regret
I loved with all my heart and my emotions
He loved with patience and compassion
And while we had to let go of that love, I know it was true
For a moment, I had someone love me to their full being
Something I will forever be grateful for
And maybe, in the end, it’ll be us
And maybe it won’t
Maybe, in the end, we will return as friends
Maybe we won’t
But whether as lovers, friends, or passing memories
I will forever love him
I will forever wish him well
And when I think of our beautiful time together
I will forever smile in remembrance

Girl overlooking Cabo beach