My 2020 Morning Routine

One of the things I learned at the beginning of 2020 was a morning routine was needed. I always thought of morning routines being a thing for the youtubers, the billionaires, and anyone else that didn’t have a job that had constant changing hours. I work at the airport, so my hours can range from 4am-8pm…and that’s if I don’t get a call in the middle of the night. 

But I learned a morning routine was possible, even with my random hours. It doesn’t have to be a 10 step routine or even a 5 step routine. It can be something simple to help you start the day off right and on a positive note. It can include anything from journaling, affirmations, meditations, excercise or even making your bed! 

I think sometimes we tend to overthink things and complicate what can be so simple and easy to follow. We forget that we’re in control of what happens in our life, so there’s no need to follow anyone else’s routine…whether it’s Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, George Clooney or whoever else you admire. Just come up with something easy for you that can be done every day when you wake up. 

Some benefits when adding a morning routine to your daily life:

  • You prepare yourself for the rest of the day without feeling rushed
  • Feel in Control
  • You start to develop healthy habits
  • Boost your energy levels, honestly you feel so accomplished that the rest of the day you’re upbeat
  • Improve relationships…starting the day off right keeps you happy and open in your relationships, without bringing in any unwanted stress 
Tony Robbins

“If you don’t have ten spare minutes to work on yourself every morning, then you don’t have a life.”

by Oct 2, 2020Life, Wellness

“I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.'” Jim Carrey

I’ve dwindled my morning routine to a simple 6 step process that’s easy for me to follow, whether I’m waking up at 4am or 8am. Right now I don’t have to be at work til 11:30/noon so I’ve made it a habit to wake up at 6 or 6:30 to have enough time to relax and not feel to thrown into the work day.

My morning routine includes the following:

-Drink a cool glass of water

-Open my windows

-Oil pulling

-Make my bed

-Journal 5 things I’m grateful for that occurred in the last 24hrs

-Turn on spotify (usually playing some indie music)

These six things have helped me start my day off postive and I’m left heading to work in a better mood. On the right I’ve gone a little deeper into some of the steps I chose and the benefits I’ve seen from them. If you’ve never thought about starting a routine, seriously do some research…there’s no only emotional benefits but physical benefits as well. Do a bit more research and you’ll find that top CEOs, celebs, even just your regular everyday joe that seems to have it all together will tell you they have a morning routine.

Like I said, you don’t have to follow THEIR routine…but it’ll show you the amazing results that stem from creating a daily habit to start off your day. If it’s easier to start off with only a one step process, then do that! This is about your life and  what works for you…no one else.

So tell me do you have a morning routine? If so I’d love to hear some of yours and how they’ve benefited you. If you haven’t, well there’s no time like the present to get started. It’s simple and the benefits will honestly surprise you! I’d love to hear if you get started and some awesome things that have helped!


Drink a glass of water

This is literally the first thing I do when I wake up! Your body has gone through the last how ever many hours of sleep without hydrating. A glass of water clears my head, hydrates my body and honestly makes me feel so awake. Give your body the love it deserves and properly hydrate it!


Open my windows

I live in a very small (literally tiny) apartment…there’s not much light or outside air except for the one window in my bedroom, my kitchen door and tiny window. Opening them up in the morning allows me to breathe in some natural air and motivates me to start moving into the next steps in my morning routine. It even helps in the winter when you’ve been cozy with the heater on and under the covers. It’s the right kick in the butt you need to avoid getting back under those covers. 


Make my bed

We’ve all heard it before…make your bed as soon as you wake up and you’ll start your day right. I can’t begin to explain how mnay times I’ve heard this or read this but never really thought too much about it. There were times I made my bed and times I just rolled right out of it and left it as is without looking back. After I decided to add this to my daily routine I started to notice what a difference it made. It made my space seem put together and brought a sense of calmness. Have you ever experienced stress or just full on discontent walking into a messy room. Well that’s what you feel constantly leaving your bed unmade, but sometimes you just get used to it or explain it away. Make your bed…notice how much it motivates you to clean the rest of your life up! 🙂


Write 5 things you're grateful for

This has honestly been the biggest game changer ever. I took this one from Rachel Hollis and her  90 day challenge during COVID this year. She does a last 90 day challenge to end the year strong and this is one of the main things she talks about. You wake up and write down 5 things that you’re grateful for, but they have to have occurred in the last 24 hours! This is such a powerful habit that I have literally told just about everyone I talk to. You’re really left to sit with yourself and think about all the things that you’ve gone through in the last day and appreciate even the smallest of things. You’re writing down specifics so it’s more impactful, instead of making generalized lists. For example, my five things todays were being grateful for my new portable washing machine, 31 nights of halloween on freeform to bring my childhood memories, amazon prime for its quick deliveries in time where things have delayed, a boyfriend who makes me laugh even when I’m upset and the youtubers I follow for help keeping me motivated. See…simple and easy…but quite effective when you’re doing this every day. So what are you waiting for?!