Halloween Crafting

One thing that I’ve come to enjoy this year has been crafting with the help of my cricut. This beautiful machine was a Christmas gift last year, and honestly it’s been the best thing ever. It helps pass the time and gets my creative juices flowing. The amount of things I’ve created with it has surprised even me.

There are two types of Cricut, a Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker…I have the Explore. From what I’ve seen the list of things you can do with the Maker is endless, but the Explore is just as good…especially for us beginners.

If you haven’t checked it out I recommend you head over to https://www.cricut.com/ and check out their different items. They tend to go on sale during the holidays and you can find them at your nearest Michaels, and Amazon sells them in bundles as well so you can get some items to start your crafts.




So as I now have this amazing machine I have enjoyed holiday decorating. If you don’t know I tend to go all out, especially at Christmas time. But Fall is another favorite and this time I had an apartment, along with an office to spice up. For the office I was able to cut some bats, ghosts and pumpkins to help bring in Halloween. 

You don’t need to design any of this, the Cricut offers a design space with different templates and projects that is already set up…all you have to do is put in the material and click cut!

For the home space I created small lumineers and placed some flameless candles inside to bring about the ghostly feel. During the evening I change the color of my lightbulb to purple (I have a smart bulb) and light these angels up. 

If you’re looking to pass the time and are into making things I highly recommend the Cricut. Also don’t be alarm by the amount of time some of the projects say it will take to complete…most of the time I don’t even realize how long I’ve spent making things because I’m enjoying it so much and the end results are pretty darn awesome.

I’ve made cards, pop up cards and all sorts of other things. I’m excited to show you all what else comes up and hopefully motivate you to get your own…or presuade someone to get it for you 😉

Do you have a cricut? 

How do you like it? 

What’s something you’re hoping to make with it if you haven’t gotten one yet? 


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