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Catch Up With Me : Healthy Living Week 1

Good morning ladies and gents! I am back and ready to jump onto week 2 for the 30 days to healthy living. As mentioned, I’ll be posting a weekly recap on how my journey with the 30 Days to Healthy Living is going. Today is Monday and we’re starting our second week of implementing healthy habits and getting to know our bodies. If you haven’t caught on to what the 30 Days to Healthy Living is go ahead and head to my last post here
For those of you already caught up let’s recap a little bit on how the first week went. I’m going to be fully honest and transparent.

So How Do You Feel?

I feel great! Honestly, I can see the difference in my body, but more importantly, I can feel the difference. My stomach isn’t bloated anymore, I feel lighter and more alert. I think the biggest benefit for me has been putting down the coffee which I thought would be harder this time around. If you don’t know I work 12-16 hour days usually and the coffee was becoming an addiction again. But having put that down for the moment has been better for me. I don’t have the usual crashes throughout my day and I’m forced to drink more water. Sticking to my smoothies and meal has kept me disciplined throughout the day. I’ve had my cravings I won’t lie, but I surprised myself at how easier it’s getting to say no to them.

Have you been 100% on point?

I said I’d be completely transparent and honest…so no I haven’t been 100%. The last two days were the toughest ones for me, and that was due to traveling. I wasn’t in my regular environment and I didn’t fully prepare for the day as I should have. I was used to having my blender near and so that made it tough on the day I was physically traveling or at the airport, but I found myself giving to some cravings because I let myself get hungry. The second day I found myself cheating on some things due to the boredom late at night, but during the day I did pretty well maintaining some form of discipline. But the great thing about this program is I know I’m not alone on the journey, there is a community of women going through it as well to encourage and to help you along the way. This is also a journey of learning for me. I’m learning I need to be better prepared, I’m a traveler at heart and I need to have my travel days fully prepped with appropriate snacks and meals. I’m also learning it’s ok to say no. When you’re with friends or family, and they’re indulging in things but that doesn’t mean you have to. It’s ok to say no to that beer, or no to the cravings they might be having. 

What’s been a beneficial change?

Because of this program I have thought about better ways to plan my day, even when I’m working those crazy hours. The biggest change was I got a gym membership near work, open 24 hours and access to showers. This has boosted my motivation even more because now I can workout before work or after and shower. Rather than getting home late and jumping right into bed using whatever excuse I have for that day. Forcing myself to pay for the gym now pushes me to keep working out a part of my daily ritual, the gym is literally 2 minutes from work so there is no excuse…at all! So in that sense I’ve been consistent, I’ve been more motivated to workout and can see small changes in my body because of the effort I’m putting into it.

Healthy Living Hiker

What will you bring into week 2?

More discipline and preparation! I’m going full on prepping with my snacks, not only during my day to day but especially during my travel days. I’m planning to be discipline with my time as well. This is a dedication, a promise I made to myself to do so I can’t allow the fear of what others think to get in the way. So I need to use my time wisely. This means a couple of things. It means saying no to additional hours, I will continue working my overtime but I will maintain my days off as my days off…enjoying my free time and using it wisely to restore my energy. I will continue to push myself at the gym and hopefully begin to incorporate running back into my life more consistently. I do miss it. I will also use my time wisely in who I am around. If I notice I can’t make smart choices around certain people, because they either do not support my journey or any other reason, than I will simply decline time spent with them. I am a huge believer that you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing just to have fun. You don’t need to go drinking all the time, eating crazy all the time or just anything that doesn’t follow your lifestyle. It’s ok to be on a different journey than everyone else, but they need to be respectful of it. If they can’t…well it’s time to detox some people too.

So onto the next week I go…to continue my habits and hopefully commit to them again. One week down…3 and a half to go. I’m still doing this, I may not be perfect but I’m pushing through it. I hope this encourages you to form your own healthy habits, whatever they may look like. And if at any point you find yourself wanting to jump on this journey too, don’t hesitate to let me know. Let’s keep encouraging ourselves to be the best we can be.
Til next week!