Mishe Mokwa

Malibu, CA

Hiking Malibu's Mishe Mokwa Trail

Length: 6 mile loop
Moderate – Advanced
Benefits: Experience a little bit of heaven

This amazing hike offers some of the best views you could possibly think of. It’s as if you’re walking on the clouds…

The hike iteself is a loop, whichever way you start. In total it took us about 5 hours to walk the full 6miles with small breaks in between. The trail itself can be super narrow with long plants and flowers covering it, so you may need to brush them off and move it may be tight as people will be coming from the opposite direction. We hiked in the middle of June so Spring was in full bloom, which meant…BUMBLEBEES! I won’t lie, I freaked out a bit every time I had to walk in between the flowers and plants, since being stung is not the funnest thing around. But if you are brave and bees are your friends, have no fear…you can get through it. 

Fortunately, they’re not there for every part of the hike, only small sections throughout the loop. There’s also really only one small part where trees are covering you from the Sun, so I highly recommend a baseball cap of some sort and some sunglasses. 


The elevation is super high so if you have breathing problems this may be a difficult hike for you. My mother struggled a bit and needed more breaks than her usual hikes, so take your time and don’t rush…especially in the California heat. 

Overall, I recommend this for anyone looking for a challenge and some fun in the Sun…I left with a tan, some sweat and a huge smile. 

This was by far one of my favorite hikes. We pushed ourselves and made it through full circle. It literally feels like you are above the clouds and reaching the heavens. I highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a workout, a challenge and some amazing views. 

Top Tips

1. Pack a comfortable backpack

This is super important. It’s a long hike and the California sun can become overpowering. Pack essentials in the backpack. A few of mine were two water bottles (1 left in the freezer overnight), some snacks (nuts, fruits, etc), lunch (this one really depends on if you want to eat while on the hike or leave it in the car for when you return)

2. Comfortable shoes

I personally don’t own hiking shoes, but extremely comfortable sneakers. You want to make sure your shoes have support, are comfy after wearing them for hours and you don’t mind getting dirty since there’s a lot of dust and dirt. You also want to make sure they are roomy shoes, after 6 miles of walking if your toes don’t have much room your feet will start to cry out in pain.

3. Start early

This is pretty much a given for anywhere with intense Sun. We hiked in the middle of June and high up in the mountains. After hour 3 you could feel the Sun beaming down on your skin. Starting early gives you some cool air to start off with and less of a direct Sun, as it’s still in the rising phase. You’ll also be hiking in altitude over 2,000 so you’ll already be huffing and puffing, make it easier on yourself and start early. We started our hike around 8 am, and even that was a bit late for us.