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Have You Heard Of The 30 Days To Healthy Living?

Hi everyone and welcome back to my beautiful life. I know I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like but hopefully that will change with this post. Recently I posted a story on Instagram about a program I’ll be doing and wanted to jump on here and give a quick run-down of what it is and why I’m doing it. This will be my third time participating in the program and this time I’m jumping all in with this company, Arbonne. But before I get ahead of myself let’s talk a little bit about the program.

What is the 30 Days to Healthy Living?

The 30 Days To Healthy Living is a nutrition-based program that is meant to help jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, correct digestive issues, and learn the whys behind healthy food choices. Many of the benefits behind this program are that it eliminates bloating, helps better your sleep, gives more energy, clearer skin, and a better mood…side effects can be weight loss and a new lifestyle. Essentially it’s the step you need to reset your body and eliminate all the junk we put into it. It’s also a way to get to know your body on a deeper level. Most of us don’t realize why certain things occur and how connected it is to the foods we eat.

Reasons behind 30 days to healthy living

What does the program involve?

The 30DHL (short for “Days to Healthy Living) includes avoiding the following: alcohol, coffee, dairy, wheat, gluten-containing foods, and soy. The program kit includes products meant to help you along the journey. The main products included are Guthealth gut, clean too herbal detox tea, feelfit pea protein shake, energyfizz, bewell superfood greens, and cleantox gentle cleanse. As you can see these are all to help reset your gut and all products are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. During the 30 days, the focus isn’t only to reset your gut but to focus on your whole well-being. This means eating Whole Foods, drinking plenty of water, getting movement in for the day, getting good quality sleep, and being mindful.

Why am I doing this program?

Well, as mentioned before this will be my third time going through this program and it honestly couldn’t come at a better time. As most of you know I work at the airport and because of the crazy hours, I might not be getting the right nutrition in my body. In the last month, I’ve sort of fallen off the health wagon and I have definitely felt a difference in my body and gut. My stomach is constantly bloated, I’m always tired, and I’ve become too accustomed to drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. Outside of the nutritional part of my life, I have some changes coming up soon and I want to be in the right mindset and physical well-being before those changes arrive. For me, focusing on what I’m putting in my body first tends to open the doorway for everything else. My mind becomes clearer, I become more focused on my goals, and I feel lighter and ready for anything life throws at me. Because of all this, I’m more excited for whatever’s coming. I also want to gain more confidence. Now, of course, confidence isn’t rooted in the physical body, but to me, it’s something that happens internally. When you start taking care of your body something inside happens that just pushes this confidence outward. I’m happier, I’m freer, and I tend to walk with my head held a little higher. All because I gave my body and my mind the care they needed. So I thought what better way to get started than doing this amazing program that I know can bring results like it’s done in the past.

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What are the benefits of 30 DHL?

What do I hope to get out of this?

Now I’m sure after reading some of the above information you can guess some of the benefits behind doing the 30 days to healthy living. Some of the benefits I experienced during my last round were clear skin. Living in the northeast and going through dry winters my skin would take a lot and honestly it would end up looking dull on some days. But I never amounted that to the foods I was eating. After doing the program I saw a noticeable change in my face and my under eyes…all without using any skincare products. I felt more energized, which is crazy to think it was all without coffee or any crazy energy drinks. The great thing about Argonne’s energy fizz is that they are all-natural. They contain green tea, guarana, riboflavin, and ginseng. Not high in sugar or crazy additives you’ll see in most energy drinks. To top it off you won’t have a crash 15 minutes later. I’ve started implementing these back in my life and every time I think to have a cup of coffee it just doesn’t excite me as much anymore. So with my long work hours, it helps to not worry about feeling a crash later on and needing yet another cup of coffee. Another benefit I had during my last round was not feeling constantly tired anymore. I remember waking up without hitting the snooze button, having the energy to work out and meditate in the morning, and just feeling overall happier. That was probably the first step for me in getting my life together again…all because I focused on my well-being and what I was putting in my body. I gave my body the reset it needed and gave it the best care. The rest was history, so to say.

Benefits of 30 days to healthy living

For this round, I am extra excited to step back into it, with an extra role in mind. As I mentioned, I have not been taking care of my body the way I should these past couple of months, so this is my re-focus to give it what it needs. I’m ready to remove the bloat I’ve gained from adding things to my diet that doesn’t leave me feeling the best, I’m ready for the refocus. The biggest thing I hope to get out of it is the re-focus of adding Whole Foods to my diet and hopefully feel the lightness I felt at the beginning of the year. This isn’t about losing weight, it’s about feeling confident again and giving myself the care I need. When you put yourself first in health and mindfulness, everything else just starts lining up. I don’t want to lose that focus just because other things are going on in my life. Going through the 30 days to healthy living pushes me to have the discipline I need to get shit done, most importantly get shit done for me and my benefit.
As I also mentioned there’s an additional role in doing the program again. I believe in it so much and have personally seen the difference it can make, not only in myself but in others as well. I decided to become an independent consultant for Arbonne. What exactly does that mean? Well it means I get to show others the benefits behind these products and this program, I get to help build a team of like-minded people who are also looking to implement these changes in their life and I’m ready to achieve some goals with the help of running this business. While some might doubt this role, I can say I’ve personally seen changes in people’s lives from doing this. I have seen someone start from a position where they too had big goals and with some hard work and discipline their life looks different today. You can see the love they have for their body and well-being, and you can see how much their hard work has allowed them in their life and the lives of their loved ones. So while I might feel uncomfortable starting or sharing with the world this new journey…I’m still going to do it. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned this past year is getting uncomfortable is a part of the process of being fully and authentically you. It’s about being comfortable sharing yourself fully with others, rather than what you think you need to show or be. So I’m doing it, jumping in and doing it all. So if you’ve been around my social media just be prepared, I’m going to put myself out there, I’m going to share my journey and I’m going to invite others on it as well. I’m going to stick to it and set some crazy goals…and when I get them done I’ll share with you the amazing journey.

So What Now?

Well, now I start my journey. One of my goals is to share with you my weekly journey on the 30 days to healthy living. I’ll be sharing the different products that Arbonne has, both nutrition and skin products. I’ll be sharing the cravings, the headaches, and the fun parts of this journey. And while I’m super nervous and honestly a little scared to look ridiculous doing it all, I’m excited to see how I come out on the other side of it. I’m excited to learn how far I can push myself and be ok with not caring what others think. I’m looking forward to getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. It truly is a beautiful thing and surprises you along the way. So I hope you stick around and share a part in this journey. I hope you stick around on my social media. I hope you see yourself taking this journey one day or a journey like it. And if at any point you think to yourself “I’d love to start this journey too”, please reach out! Life’s always a lot more fun when you have someone to share the journey with. So here’s to day 1, week 1, and year 1 of this journey. Let’s get going!