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A Letter To The Girl That’s Healing

Dear nathaly,

Today you’re ok! You made it another day…another day without him, another day breathing, and another day living. I know it was hard, I know at times you wanted to crawl back into your bed and leave the world behind. But you didn’t, you made the choice to get up and get out. You made the choice to smile, to breathe, and to push forward. I know you miss him and I know you love him…but your heart needed more than he could provide, it doesn’t mean you’re unworthy, it doesn’t mean you’re not enough…it just means someone out there will love you fully and enough. 
Today you’re alive and today you’re one step closer to putting you first, to putting away all the characters layered on throughout the years. The characters you were told you needed to play. Leaving him was deciding to take one layer off you knew you couldn’t play anymore and that is something so beautiful, something so brave and something not many people can say they have the strength to do. 
So be proud of yourself today, hug yourself a little tighter. You put yourself first and you’re one step closer to the person you are…not the person others want you to be…
You’re on a journey and some days will be easy and others will be hard. But as long you try, as long as you move an inch, a foot, a mile…you’re doing all right. Don’t worry about everyone else’s journey, don’t listen to where others tell you to be. Keep focus on your next step, keep focus on you. 
No one wants you to win more than you! Love yourself first and everything else will follow just as its meant to be. 
If you did nothing else right, you decided to stay on this earth another day…and that’s an amazing accomplishment.
Love your biggest fan
Yourself ❤️

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  1. Ambra

    So proud of you for putting yourself first. You deserve all the love you give to others and so much more. You got this!